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When do I get my order?

Read more about delivery times and shipping costs here

It's good that the site has a section like this one. I first used it when I was waiting for my paper from a essay writing service. Then I also wondered when my order would be ready. This section is always very useful as it saves a lot of time for both writers and students.
What are the shipping costs?

Read more about shipping costs and delivery times here

How do I make a return?

How to make a return can be found here.

I sent a return, what happens now?

A return will take between 5-10 business days to handle and we will get back to you by email as soon as your return is handled. If you have chosen to pay by invoice, your invoice will be adjusted / canceled depending on whether you have returned parts or your entire order. We recommend that you log on to and report a return. In this way, your invoice is paused while waiting for your return to be handled. If you have chosen to pay by card / direct payment, the money will be deposited into the card / account you used in the purchase.

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