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No: IGN21261
With a very modest 1.0 curve, placed very close to the bottom edge of the shaft, the EDGE Curve will attract players of all types. No matter if you are used to playing with a straight or curved shaft, you will find that this fine-tuned mild angle will give you that extra power in your shots without sacrificing the control in your ball handling. The big thing is the reinforced flattened area on the lower backhand side, placed exactly in the center of the curve shape. The three parallel channels that run across this area fortify the construction, which causes the shaft to release extremely fast in the forward direction in the moment of the shot release.

Weight: 228g
Blade: EPIC black PE
Shaft: 95% carbon fiber, 5% glass fiber
Flex: 26 mm (at 300N)
Grip: Feather

LEFT / 96CM:

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Out of stock
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